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Writing Film and Animation Music Circus - coming soon!

Intro by Leon Botstein

So I guess it turns out that Wrestling is not real, but it is entertaining as heck. Even if the fighting isn't real, the internal conflict that we project into each senario is as real as any other feelings we have in life. Only through art can we take a feeling that is almost indescribable and translate it into sound, sight, action, and time. Through this labor, we create a connection.

Some artists choose a single craft and master all the fine skills of that craft. I admire these people. Their hard work is absolutely reflective through the details of their pieces. I, however, have never been one of these people. Proficiant in all, Master of none, they say. This is because I see all things being related in some way. When you take the skills of one craft a apply it to another, some thing magical happens.