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Red Moon over Rising Sun

Play RMORS - A Dark Sky (early alpha)


In Red Moon over Rising Sun, or RMORS (pronounced as either “remorse” or "rumors") for short, you are the chief administrator of either China or Japan’s space program in a race to be the first to reach the moon. In this alternative time line story, you’ll be participating in a post-WWII Cold War scenario where the space race was used as a means of avoiding the Korean and Vietnam wars.

RMORS is a resource-based, real-time strategy game in minimalist style. The game will have very few graphics and those it does will have a retro CGA/vector style. RMORS is a fun game for one or more players that consumes little battery power, making it perfect for mobile or online browser play.

Set in the Cold War era, the players of RMORS will be intrigued by the story of espionage, propaganda, and nationalism in this retro-scifi.

The inspiration for RMORS comes from the following: A Dark Room, Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space, Lunar Lander, and Space War/Asteroids.

Download the Game Design Document (!spoiler warning!)

RMORS - A Dark Sky

A Dark Sky (ADS) is an online-browser-based version of RMORS that is heavily influenced by A Dark Room by Doublespeak. In ADS the players will run the Chinese campaign against a Japanese opponent simulated by clock events.

This prototype version of RMORS may have redacted features for the sake of rapid development. The features and mechanics of the complete RMORS may change upon discoveries during this prototyping process.

In order to help engage the community the source code for ADS is openly available to the public to compare with the source code to A Dark Room. Also a command-line text parser is intergraded into the game to make it more accessible to visually impaired/disabled players and to add another dimension of world exploration.

Play RMORS - A Dark Sky (early alpha)

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