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Ken Poirier

Hello! My name is Ken Poirier (pronouced pwar-ee-ay). Life has been a strange journey for me. I grew up in a sawmill family working for my father starting at the age of twelve. As a teen, the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts opened my eyes to the performing and visual arts. With entrepreneurism running in my blood, and having run a number of businesses, in 2005, I became a full time stage performer, based out of Seattle, regularly touring the west coast. In 2008, I felt I needed a change of pace and switched occupations to one of my other loves, video games.

I spent two years at Volt VMC working with the Microsoft xbox360 platform, operating in a number of different elements as a QA Developer and spending six months on a special team finalizing the Kinect platform for launch. While there I was starting to build some new gaming protoypes of my own with a heavy focus on artificial intellegence.

I returned to higher education, first, studying Information Technology at Indian River State College and eventually earning a BLA in Mathematics and Natural Sciences with a very heavy focus on artificial intelligence and neurology at Indiana University. While working on a theory of natural language processing, I took a high interest in literary writing.

In 2020, I moved to Kingsbury, TX, where I volunteer and live at Habitable Spaces. When I am not writing novels, screenplays, and videogames, I work in the San Antonio and Austin areas as a handyman and consultant.


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