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Love and Hamburgers

Liz thinks she's running away from her problems, but she can't run away from herself...

Ever since Liz was a child, she has been cursed with seeing her own future. During college she discovered the only cure... alcohol.

When even drinking begins to fail her, she runs off with ex-rock-musician Rick on a cross country road trip to find the perfect hamburger in this Paranormal-Romance adventure, Love and Hamburgers.

Over two years in the making, Love and Hamburgers is the first book in a novella series, the Rick and Liz Saga. Love and Hamburgers is a perma-free story on wattpad with paperback and Kindle editions set for release in January 2018.

Fake Tattoos

In Fake Tattoos, after turning down a job from the NSA and a rapidly declining career as a writer, our narrator is attempting to write a "mainstream piece of cliché garbage" that everyone will love. The problem is that poverty is making his life unbearable and it is quickly turning him into a violent revolutionary. Delivering food on his bicycle is consuming all his time. A late night delivery brings him into a fetish club where he meets and falls in love with a young vampire-witch named Samantha.

Despite the great connection the two have and the love he feels for her, Samantha is saving her body for her lord, Satan. Our narrator is no stranger to the supernatural world and his time with Samantha only strengthens his connection to the spirit realm. The more he embraces the Satanic forces, the more his desires are fulfilled, but it continues to leave him unsatisfied. Eventually he must lose everything, including his sanity, in order to fulfill his divine destiny.

Fake Tattoos is my first novel. It took six months to write and edit. Currently being pitched to agents for major publication, but if I don't hear any positive responses by Febuary 2018, I plan on moving forward with independent publishing.


The Bear Wife - A Great and New American Tale


Get The Bear Wife now in print or ebook.


The Bear Wife is an American retelling of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast set against the historic culture of the northeastern tribes of the American Indians.

On the advice of her mother and a magical talking fire, a young girl named Wind Blossom embarks on the adventure of her lifetime in a quest to prove herself to her people. Along the way she must use her skills to survive the wilderness and eventually she’ll learn the true power of friendship and communication.

The Bear Wife is the first in a series of short stories that will retell traditional  tales set in North American culture.



Camera... Action!

In 2010, I co-authored, along with Josh Rodriguez, my first Stage Play titled Camera..Action!. It is an improved based play in the spirit of Comadia del Arte. The story revolves around a rag tag group trying to film a movie with no script and little direction. I think our small debute at the Odd Duck Theater went well and I look for to seeing it performed by other groups.

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