The Blur in Legacy of Sin

Legacy of Sin - Teaser Trailer from Ken King on Vimeo.

2016 Edition Cut

Continuing the story of Seeing Red, Johnathan Kent is now the Senator of Kansas but finds himself deep in the pocket of Lionel Luthor. Certain that his father was complacent in his attempted murder last year, Lex Luthor is working with the FBI to take Lionel down. Meanwhile Clark Kent must deal with his own legacy left by both Jor El and Johnathan Kent. The wake of murder an mayhem has brought another player to Smallville, Lois Lane.


Main Feature Runtime: 130 Minutes

Audio: Stereo



Footage for Seeing Red comes from the WB’s Smallville seasons 2, 3,and 4.




The Blur in Legacy of Sin (Trailer #4) from Ken King on Vimeo. Internet Movie Database Buy at Amazon Wikipedia