Terminal 12 (12 Monkeys)


Terminal 12 - Trailer 1 (12 monkeys Fanedit) from Ken King on Vimeo.

About the Edit


Terminal 12 was originaly titled "The Jetway" and was intended to be like the film La Jetee by which the edit was originally intended to reflect. After the first few scenes in black and white I noticed much was missing from what was Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkey which had a very strong use of color and movement which was eliminated from the La Jatee style editing.

From there I went on to edit the film with partial animation (by Ralferizing) and partial with sill images. The entire piece is in enhanced color and each scene is created using different styles of photoshop layer effects. This is a first draft of Terminal 12 and it took two years to complete. It may be another 2 years before it's finished.

Please remember when enjoying fanedits to take sometime to support the artists of the original films. You can purchase a copy of 12 Monkeys here.

If you'd like to view the edit as intended, complete with commentary track, You can download the DVD-ISO here.


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