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Hello! My name is Ken Poirier (pronouced pwar-ee-ay). Life has been a strange journey for me with many twists and turns. Raised on the hopes of one day taking over my father's sawmill, I instead found a different calling in life. The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts opened my eyes to the performing and visual arts. While entrepreneurism runs in my blood, and I have run a number of businesses in my years, in 2005 I became a full time stage performer based out of Seattle, regularly touring the west coast. In 2008, I felt like I was at a financial "glass ceiling" in my performing career and switched occupations to one of my other loves, video games.

After two years of working with the Microsoft xbox360 platform, operating in a number of different elements as a QA Dev and spending six months on a special team finalizing the Kinect platform for launch, I felt I was ready to move on to software engineering, the position I ultimately was after at the time. Unfortunately due to the lack of any sort of college degree, I was "unpromotable".

So I returned to higher education. First I earned an Associate of Science in Information Technology from Indian River State College, then later a BLA in Mathematics and Natural Sciences with a very heavy focus on artificial intelligence and neurology at Indiana University. While there, I found myself drawn more and more back to writing and film. I would like to see writing my main occupation, as for really nothing can begin without the writers bringing that future story together.

Today I am supplementing my income with software systems engineering and business/media consulting as a freelancer, but am hoping to move full time into a company soon.


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Throughout the year of 2016, I traveled the country volunteering with WWOOF-USA. I documented the experience along with my partner Joelle West in a film project called "The Blueprint". Volunteer work is an important aspect of my life as I feel it is important to put community first.

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